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Glass bottles food packaging advantages

  • Author:Biao
  • Release on:2016-09-18
Glass packaging in the food industry of force, in the past few years on the market performance gradually popular, many new food packaging plastic bottles are discarded and instead use glass bottles to package food. In this regard, I think it is mainly due to two aspects. The first is the stability of glass packaging material is superior to plastic bottles. 2 years ago plastic bottles affected plasticizers and bisphenol A, packaging, consumer safety thereof there is some question, a few bottles in the plastic bottles crisis gradually come to the fore. This is also the main cause of a glass bottle in the field of food packaging development effort. Another aspect is in the plastic bottle packaging market accounted for an absolute position, the glass packaging businesses choose as differentiated packaging market gradually being valued and welcomed.
glass bottles
However, two aspects of the above reasons, to get another glass bottles against other innovative packaging plastic bottles, plastic bags and so on, it is clear that glass bottles need to upgrade in order to get more advantages the opportunity to overcome.

Glass packaging is not the main selling point is the price, nor the appearance of new, still in its main material stable and secure and reliable. Many consumers see glass bottles after which a consumer is the most important sense. In the current food safety issues frequent today, it is clear that this is very important, which is the need to highlight the glass factory.
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