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The reaction between the glass bottles and spirits

2016-09-23 08:58:47
Different types of different shelf liquor. Its composition is a different, typically including water, alcohols consisting of weak acids, aldehydes, esters, a certain amount of fatty acid and other substances. 
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Primarily oxygen SiO2,03, of CaO, in order to form a three-dimensional network structure of the other components of the MgO and NA20 and NA20, containing CaO-SIO-based glass of are connected by a bridge oxygen [of SiO4] glass bottle sector, including the liquor to be used non-cross-linked to are under the electrostatic force will na. Other Ca2 + and the M outer body adsorption network of its surroundings.

Liquor, wine, in the case of glass bottles, including water bottles is, the part of the component so that the trace of the bottle components to dissolve the costume solution, will react.

And glass bottles liquid in contact with water. SiO water exchange of H and glass.

There is a reaction in the following manner: ~I-O - Na ++ H + OH - I-OH + of NaOH (1) LL
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Now home exchange reaction will cause the following reaction.
HO-i_oH + H2O- Ho I-OH (2) 0.
(HO) + NaOH 3 of Si-OH - + [Si of (OH) 3O] -Na + 1 {2 O (3) NaOH + RooH- ÷ ROO- of Na + H 2 O (4) of
High NA Wine reaction resulting in: if the component has a K, bottle, K is a water and similar reactions. Al both ions in the glass network: outer part of the glass network precursor ions and M c, as to be incorporated into the wine, the reaction (2), the glass portion of [SiO4 forty-three dimensional network structure in order to form a network forming body ions occurs be destroyed [of SiO4] three-dimensional network structure is present in the glass that has been destroyed, the integrated trace bottle, the wine so that network structure is destroyed. However, the reaction slowest reaction which is controlled by the above reaction (1), the reaction (2) while obtaining a silicic acid gel - / b dissolves a portion of the wine, the most part, in order to form a switching , it has been attached to the surface of the glass. (} {O) fatty ROOH acid - base neutralization reaction with 3 of Si-OH and NaOH solution in the production 3 by reacting the order that is generated by the reaction of the reaction, a layer having a strong acid resistance protection in water film, the role of the protective film on the reaction is inhibited. K is the trace of liquor, wine is sophisticated, dissolved it is possible to increase the sweetness of alcohol; and Na allowed to dissolve, as the smell of wine to the net cool to deteriorate due to the taste of wine, wine quality pale will have an adverse effect on the increase of differences, wine with astringent feeling, for different effects of Ca on the quality is not the same .... the wine, glass bottles containing liquor, containing the quality of alcoholic beverages elution of glass component is, the potential impact of the selection of and use the process of the bottle, you must pay attention. Beer in the selected bottle. It can bottle containing water is stored in advance some of the time during manufacturing. A protective film after the bottle surface silicate gel has the strong resistance to water and acid resistance. It can be effective in reducing the bottle of liquor containing Na in the plasma of dissolution of wine. This reduces the impact on containing a bottle of quality of alcoholic beverages. The chemical composition of another glass bottle that shows some of the differences, 1, 2 bottle, the bottle 3, normal domestic bottle for the composition of each bottle of the bottle high white material, and wine bottles and bottle 4 5 in has been configured. Normal SIO2 low bottle, seen in high NA20, lower the increase in the content of the strength and water resistance SiO NA20 contents of the glass bottle and the bottle which leads to a decrease. High quality of the white substance of the bottle SiO: and the CaO content higher than the average bottle of NA20 and K2O, and low level. Thereby increasing the strength of the glass, between the Na + exchange inhibitory glass with water H "[SiO4 increased glass content of SiO four], a constant amount of CaO in place of N or K 2 O , can effectively enhance the three-dimensional network structure of the glass and chemical stability, the impact on the quality of the chemical composition of dissolved liquor bottle in the liquor bottle and reduction, to reduce the costumes, positive effect it has the.
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