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Precautions for use of glass

The benefits of glass

1, Material: Cup with high-quality high-borosilicate glass crystal pipe processing, high transparency, wear-resistant, smooth surface, easy to clean, health and hygiene;

beer mugs with handle

2, the structure: Cup double insulation design, not only to maintain the temperature of tea, not hot, more convenient to drink;

3, the process: the high temperature firing by 640 degrees, the adaptability to temperature changes, and instantaneous temperature is -20 ℃ -150 ℃, not easy to burst;

4, health: food-grade standards, can be in full bloom 100 degrees hot water, tea, carbonic acid, acid and other beverages, anti-malic acid erosion, odor odor;

beer mugs with handle

5, leak-proof: cup inner layer and outer ring in line with medical-grade safety standards, effective leak-proof;

6, suitable for tea: green tea, black tea, tea, tea, tea technology, fruit tea, soup color panoramic view, enhance the quality of life.

Precautions for use of glass

1, the use of glass before, please use a soft cloth warm water cleaning;

2, in order to avoid the cup body scratches affect the appearance, do not wipe the cup with a rough metal ball;

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3, into the boiling water into the glass, the water level should not be too full, so as to avoid overflow when the tea;

4, do not put the glass into the microwave oven, disinfection cabinet and other high-temperature appliances in the direct heating, so as to avoid deformation of the cup, affecting the use of results;

5, clockwise to unscrew the lid (right hand twist towards their own from left to right), or may cause burns;

6, children with caution to prevent the supplies broke or burn yourself.

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