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The company changed the traditional energy consumption mode and switched to electric power productio

Division I in the use of 'power' alternative ', the production targets have reached environmental protection requirements. No longer afraid of environmental protection departments' neck ', and now enterprises are exempt from environmental protection." As one of the first glass enterprises to start the implementation of "power substitution", Shenzhen ruixin glassware company coco, "electric energy replacement" point of praise. Compared with the same period last year, the factory has a comprehensive cost savings of 13.5% and an increase of 2 million 160 thousand yuan in enterprise profits.

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Shanxi, Yuncheng City, has the largest artificial blowing glassware production export base and hand-painted processing production base. But the energy consumption of glass enterprises and the low grade of industry are also the problems that plague the development of the city.
How to achieve this industry "translucent" development, in recent years, a municipal government to vigorously promote the glass industry overall upgrade, a smitten increase the intensity of pollution transformation of glass enterprises. And "energy substitution" project, with the advantages of clean and convenient and energy-saving emission reduction results, so that the company saw the new hope of soaring the glass industry.

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Early this year, in the glass enterprises, vigorously promote the application of electric heating new energy substitution technology. By the environmental protection department, after the use of "power substitution", enterprises can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20.96 tons per year, sulfur dioxide 9.2 tons, nitrogen oxides 7 tons.

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Up to now, the city has 8 large glass enterprises using electric furnace production, there are 5 glass enterprises are submitted to power alternative applications. To a 8 tons of electric furnace, annual electricity consumption of 2800 million kwh to calculate, the city's 8 large glass enterprises annual replacement power consumption will reach 224 million kwh.

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At the same time, in order to ensure the "electric power alternative" steadily, Qixian power supply company opened a "green channel", simplified procedures, and actively promote green development with quality services. For priority projects, organize customer managers to take the initiative to "zero distance" service, effectively shorten the reporting cycle, and actively promote the glass enterprise power instead of full coverage.
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