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High altitude glass plank in Ningwu

Recently, the original ecological area is composed of a plurality of upper glass set plank, development of the original ecological tourism service Co. Ltd. Ningwu County ximafang billion years cave group, Jiulong Mountain dry slide, Arsenal red memory, passion drift and other attractions as one of the open to tourists for tourism, Ningwu adds a beautiful landscape, become the new name card of the county tourism.

High altitude glass path plank

The scenic area is located in the Ningwu County Ma Fang Xiang Steamed Buns village, and tourist attractions in Luya Mountain across the distant. High altitude glass plank road, a total length of more than 50 meters, nearly 90 meters high, is currently in Shanxi Province, a small number of glass cliff road attractions. Million years ago, the cave group about 400 million years ago, the natural formation, is a rare alpine dry cave. Jiulong Mountain dry slope built on the mountain, a total length of 369 meters, with a total drop of more than 240 meters, is one of the national standard dry slipway. Arsenal red memory spots, vividly reproduced the three line construction period of passion, is to promote the spirit of the three line construction and heritage. Passion drift river 4 meters wide, a total length of 6 kilometers, not only to fill the gaps in Ningwu County drift project, the province is also one of the few spots drifting.

High altitude glass path plank

The development of the original ecological scenic spot project lasted more than 3 months, with a total investment of over 700 yuan. It is an important measure for the county to vigorously develop ecological construction and boost the tourism industry to eliminate poverty. The implementation of the project, to create a new feature, a new bright spot in Ningwu tourism, increase the economic income at the same time, also created good conditions for the poor households out of poverty.
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