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How made a glass?

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  • Release on:2016-05-21
Glass everywhere in our lives, a glass product is obtained by humans from the molten lava for the first time, and after years of improvement, now mostly made artificially made. But for glass making process many people may not have seen Germany's workers is how to make a glass in our daily life?

how glass is made

First of all, we can see the something like a yurt, in fact it is a high temperature furnace, which can produce high temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Celsius. Glass raw materials, soda ash, limestone, quartz into inside formed by high temperature burning liquid glass.

We can see the something like a yurt, in fact, this is a high-temperature furnace and then, workers will use special metal spoon molten liquid glass into a molding machine, due to the burning of liquid glass temperature is very high and is heavy, so you need to transfer more than one person.

how glass is made

Liquid glass into a giant drum of the machine, and then pressed into a thick glass blocks

Finally, after cooling and cutting, the piece of glass is complete. Fancy usually common glass is produced in this way, the process looks really interesting.

how glass is made
After cooling and cutting, the piece of glass is complete.

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