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Secondary molding bottles, bottle, it can alleviate the problem.

Normal rank of machine-printed glass [bottle] is generally twice, you can use the two mold-blown secondary molding method 
glass round colored glass ashtray
At first, the beginning of the mold die main purpose is to some extent of the height of the fixed molded bottle glass frit and cooling 
The second type is, you have to form a molding die performed by the glass bottles 
Direct can not and the mold that has been formed problem-solving 
glass round colored glass ashtray
Material when the temperature is high, very high temperature of the air bottle than the bottle of the cause, after the formation of the bottle in the air cooling process, making the bottle, resulted in a very low air pressure bottle [Sends, about 900 degrees contraction inwardly as flasks] bottle is not circular, when the material temperature is lower in the bottle blowing process, for making the glass frit relatively poor flowability is thin bottom, bottle, as a result, the pressure is reduced it can withstand the glass quality issues.

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