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Do you know these beer jugs and beer glasses?

  • Author:Hankxing
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  • Release on:2019-04-03
Do you know these beer jugs?

Different types of wine require different shapes of wine glasses, and beer is no exception. The shape of the glass affects the flavor and color of the wine, so choosing the right glass is a key part of drinking. In this sordid summer, encyclopedia gentleman introduces a few good beer glasses to everybody, after understanding, you also can be in before the friend talk freely, not "tall go up"!

1. Pint glass

The Pint is usually The most famous and popular of all beer glasses because it is used for a variety of beers, such as British beer, light beer and dark beer. It has a standard size of 450 ml and a grande size of 560 ml.

2. The pilsen cup

The name suggests a Pilsner glass, but the flared glass (340 ml) can also be used to drink other beers, especially those with a frothy head.

3. Wiesen cup

The Weizen Glass, a tall, thin Glass with a thin wall, is ideal for drinking citrus and floral beers such as wheat and Weizen.

4. Mugs

The Mug/Stein is a large Mug with a thick wall and is often used in celebrations such as the oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.5. Tall glass

Goblet is a good partner to Belgian beer, where the bottom of the glass forms what's called a 'carbon dioxide core-spot' to allow the carbonation to stabilize and keep the froth on the top. It seems that the design of the goblet also USES a certain scientific basis, good

6. Tulip cups

Designed primarily to maintain the fullness of the head foam and bring out the beer flavor, the Tulip is ideal for Belgian and Scottish beers.

7. Narrow mouth cup

Snifter glasses are smaller and are designed to be used primarily for strong drinks, such as cognac or brandy. But high-alcohol beers like the Imperial Stout are also suitable for narrow glasses.

After reading the introduction of these beer glasses, are you enchanted? Then pick up the wallet and rush out! Enjoy the beer, summer is just around the corner!

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