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Borosilicate glass cups of what are the advantages?

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  • Release on:2016-06-20
Borosilicate glass cups of what are the advantages?

Borosilicate glass cups

High boronsilicate double glass cup has following advantages:

1, and material: Cup body used quality high boron Silicon crystal glass pipe processing, transparency very high, resistance wear, surface smooth, cleaning easy, health health; 

2, and structure: Cup body double insulation design, not only keep has tea temperature, also not hot, more convenient drinking; 

3, and process: by more than 600 more degrees high temperature fired and into, on temperature changes adaptability strong, easily burst.   

4, health: food grade standards, can hold 100-degree heat for hot water, tea, beverage such as carbonated, fruit acids, Malic acid erosion-resistant, no smell no odor.   

Borosilicate glass cups

5, leak-proof: outer layer within the cover and seal in accordance with medical grade safety standards, effective leak.   

6, suitable for tea: green tea, black tea, Pu-Erh tea, jasmine tea, craft, such as tea, fruit tea, color panoramic view, enhance quality of life. 

Borosilicate glass cups

7, customers can request advertising Cup, image mugs, promotional mugs, gift Cup, interior surface (sandwich) can be decorated, screen printed Logo custom design services.

Borosilicate glass cups

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