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Glass tableware shopping tips

2016-09-12 09:45:57

Etc., so easy to clean clean, some of glass tableware, cookware, has become a more and more consumers, more and more of the food and beverage industry, there are more and more popular in glass tableware. More specifically, in the moment, not only the heat of summer, the glass dishes sought can bring fresh visual and large. How cookware, is to choose a safe and reliable glass tableware? To introduce the following Xiaobian: 

double glass coffee cups
Industry experts, you can buy a crystal glass tableware to advise extra caution. Up to 20% -30% of the lead oxide content of crystal products, because they use it to hold the water, generally does not cause lead poisoning, it is used as a cup to hold the wine If that is the difference, cocktail crystal glass products, more quantity you dissolution time to lead dissolved more time. Similarly, crystal glass containers for food, especially cola, honey, acidic foods, as well as, if easily ions using a fruit juice that leads form a beverage or food and soluble lead salt to be ingested, serious health damage . In this way by the scientists, crystal glass products "beautiful killer."
Experts, you, feel purchase the sound of Crystal glass tableware, ordinary glass, lead crystal glass, it suggests that get the appearance of different lead crystal glass. Tap the normal glass product gently dull sound, there is a bubble, the refractive index difference, rough work, has faded a bad feeling, and even some of the places. Crystal glassware relatively common glass products bright color, refractive index, strong, with exquisite workmanship, appear to consist of gently tapping to have a refreshing metallic sound, crystal, feel good. Lead crystal glass products as compared to the lead-free crystal glass, it looked slightly thick. 
double glass coffee cups with handle
In addition, usually of glass tableware, high completely reliable in a particular environment, there is no long-term immersion, it will have a "mold" phenomenon. Water in the air, carbon dioxide and glass long-term erosion is a white crystalline carbonate by sodium silicate glass, it is to generate a health crystal damage in humans. Upon removal of the crystallization method of these carbonates, it is to use an alkaline detergent. While ordinary glass may also contain very small amounts of lead, but it does not cause harm to health in normal use. If you do not worry, before the first use of ordinary glass tableware, you can enable the precipitation of lead soaked in vinegar water. Bloom drinks and food acidic, it is best to use an ordinary glass products, please do not use the lead glass