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How to wash U-shaped wine decanter | RuixinGlass

Personal experience told me that when cleaning the waiter do not rinse with water, try not to say some of the forum said with hot water rinse, fear will burst!
It is advisable to clean immediately after each use. If it is not possible to clean immediately after use, use the appropriate amount of water in the sober immediately after use, or soak it completely inside the water.
1. pour the right amount of water, or lemon juice or vinegar into the cocktail;
2. Put the cleaning balls into the water;
3. Gently shake the sober, so that the cleaning ball with the rotation, you want to clean the location;
4. After a period of cleaning, will clean the ball and water poured out, the cleaning ball to dry for the next use;
5. If the vessel has wine stains, then after the first step, with a sponge in a circular direction to shake, and then clean water;
6. After cleaning the waiter, let the natural dry.

how to wash u shaped wine decanter
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