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How to choose a whiskey glass | RuixinGlass

2017-10-26 09:21:59
Drink ice whiskey, the most suitable for low cups, low cups and more used to contain the ice with the strong wine, especially whiskey. Also used for cocktails. Many people feel that the generous low ball cup has a man of the spirit, but also because of this, it is usually used to dress with ice cream.

Drink Scotch Whiskey is currently very popular with a cup is a straight barrel flat bottom glass. This cup can also be broken down into a variety of different cup type, because the size of the opening, the edge of the margin will affect the Scotch whiskey drinking. Such as the low real estate area of the whiskey is relatively soft and delicate, the aroma is also relatively light, suitable for with a moderate opening, the edge of the restrained glass, which can be more prominent whiskey aroma, and for the whiskey from the Iraqi producing areas, Strong, strong for some people who have just contact with whiskey even some pungent, so you need to choose a larger opening, the cup edge of the open glass, so that whiskey can not appear too abrupt.

how to choose a whiskey glass
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