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Why Are Whiskey Glasses Shaped The Way They Are

There are two major categories of whiskey cups. More common, commercial, is thick and wide mouth short glass easy to add water, add ice.

The second is a professional appreciation of whiskey cups, these cups big belly, waist small, cup and cup at a little distance, so that the aroma can be distributed from the cup out.

If there is no professional cup, champagne cup can also, it has a certain depth, big belly, cup small.
Tasting with some greasy, heavy flavors of dishes, such as brine, bacon or starchy food, can stick in the throat of the smell of wine, longer aftertaste.

The shape of the glass will have an impact on the experience of wine tasting. Whiskey special glass called "Snifter", cup type is a bit like a wine cup, but the cup stems shorter, larger cup, cup narrower. This shape favors the full shake cup and concentrates the aroma on the cup. Whiskey distillers or restaurants usually offer the right glasses. And if it is at home to drink whiskey, no special glass, you can temporarily use a wine cup instead.

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