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Take advantage of the borosilicate glass and advantages

Take advantage of the borosilicate glass and advantages 

Maximum advantage, as compared with conventional glass, a borosilicate glass having a high heat resistance, particularly impact resistance, high temperature resistance. 

Even heated borosilicate glass if is placed in cold water, borosilicate glass is not a burst. To many people 

Test borosilicate glass, personally were tested. And, not a borosilicate glass has been placed in the fire burning about 20 minutes 

Oh problem. 
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Now, borosilicate glass, mainly microwave equipment, how to use that have been used in the solar tube, chemical reactor, etc., is actually very broad in. 

Currently, borosilicate glass, oh, is the most secure in the glass of the world. 

Borosilicate glass, high transparency, and very smooth. Easy to clean, but it is not easy to adhere the other dirt. It has excellent resistance to oil 

Oh the use of in life, also while It is very wide, other properties in the acid and industry is a very large number of use. ratio 

Such as baby bottles. 

Borosilicate glass and ordinary glass, they are a quick glass of impurities is broken, is a poor transparency, it was compared. However, borosilicate glass 

Oh, it does not exist! So, there are many advantages in the glass. 

The following is located in the international standard borosilicate glass: 

International Standard ISO 4802 1 from 1988 "glass products, water surface of glass containers - Part 1: titration 
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It would line measurement and classification "(including neutral glass) borosilicate glass, but it is defined as including the of boron trioxide (B-2 O 3) 5~13% (m / m) 

Release the glass, 1997 ISO 12775 in the "normal mass production of classification and test methods of glass composition" 

Borosilicate glass that defines the (including neutral glass) is greater than the (B-2O-3) trioxide diboron 8% (m / m)

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