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How to identify lead-free glass?

  • Author:Thinkxing
  • Source:Ruixinglass
  • Release on:2016-07-02
How to identify lead-free glass?

lead-free glass

1, See the sign:
Lead-free glass is generally potassium, mostly for high-end products and the packaging has an identity; leaded glass and the lead, that is, in some supermarkets and stall common crystal glassware, which lead oxide content of up to 24%.

2, See color:
Lead-free glassrefraction better than traditional lead crystal glass, more perfect show the refractive properties of the metallic glass; various modeling as some ornaments, crystal glasses, crystal lamps and so is the leaded glass.

3, See the heat resistance:
glass can generally be resistant to high temperatures, but generally poor resistance to extreme cold and heat performance. Lead-free crystal glass belongs to the high coefficient of expansion, resistance to extreme hot and cold performance, more narrowly, in particular if the lead-free glass with cold water to make tea prone to burst.

4, Weigh the severity of:
Lead-free glass compared with lead-free crystal glass, it looked slightly thick.

5, Listening to the sound:
the sound of metal lead crystal glass beyond issued, lead-free glass sound more melodious, rich reputation as "music" Cup.

6, See Toughness:
unleaded than leaded glass crystal glass that is more resistant to impact toughness properties.

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