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Cleaning and maintenance glass products

Easily these glass products dirty and fruit, cold dishes, cold kettle, coffee maker, glass teapot, glass tea house. Detergent general glass products after use in order to scrub it. While you long, if you want to use, such as accumulated dirt, better to wipe the fine cloth powder soaked in warm vinegar repeated using or fine cloth scouring scrub soaked decontamination effect, would be good. 
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If the stain teapot, a coffee pot on no more, then, if you do not have cover, it is possible to pass a bottle of Sea saw to block, water, in the additional bottle a half-bottle of the cover cap too can be a thirsty is used tea leaves throat, and of water cleaning bottle tea Let's leave the dirt, as well, in order to achieve good cleaning results. After the dirt has continued, rinse with clear ice, this time will be clean as new. 
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Bubble tea glass, teapot, in many cases, a layer of tea scale difficult brown be washed, it is deposited. If you are using a cloth soaked in a small amount of toothpaste foam gently scrub or scrub, with baking soda and water, washed immediately, it does not damage the glass surface. In addition, it is possible to soak the salt scrub, the effect is also very good.

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