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Glass species and glass cup molding process

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Glass species and glass cup molding process

1. Press the glass molding different ways:

There blown glass, pressed glass, glass cup.

2. Quality difference:
Ordinary glasses and advanced delicate glass.

3. Press the glass capacity points: a king, queen, two and three of four,

4. glass decorative methods points:
Printing, painted flowers, fountains, sandblasting, gilt, wear flowers,
'Engraving, etching flower.

In terms of color: There are many varieties of landscapes, zodiac, plants, animals, Fluke, numbers and shapes.

5. From the glass quality is: Frosted glass, nesting Frosted glass, gold glass wear flowers, wear flowers tinted glass, melamine Chrysostom color cup, drawing glass, etc., belong to advanced fine glass cup.


Now the main varieties were introduced as follows:

1. blown glass:

Blown glass is characterized Beibi thin, bright surface, good heat resistance, mostly through printing, painted flowers, wear flowers and other decorative different methods, refined appearance after forming.

Blown glass conical cup plain, round-bottomed cup plain, heavy-bottomed cup plain, plain cup-shaped drum, big mouth cup plain, Comfort wear flowers covered cup, tapered cup rim wear flowers, round-bottomed rim laugh flower cup rim printing cup, wear colored flower cups, cup color melamine Chrysostom, round-bottomed cup colored drawing, nesting spent grinding cup.
glass cup

2. pressed glass:

Is the use of press-molding method, Beibi thick, some design patterns formed when pressed, some after printing, wear flowers and other methods of decoration.

Depending on the shape and decorative methods,

Are: Star bottom straight Cup, Cup star bottom bar, ten foot cup, double cup round melon, melon half cup round, long round melon cup, wicker cup, flat glass, round-bottomed cup, Tanzania cup, waist cup, gem cup, printing cup, printing cup Chrysostom Chrysostom spent grinding cup, bottom cup star Chrysostom Chrysostom melon cup round, round-bottomed cup Chrysostom Chrysostom wicker Cup, I = 1 cup of gold, Comfort covered cup, cup stripes, numbers Comfort cup, frosted glass cup.

3. glass cup:

Glass cup is the use of press-molding method A glass made of hardened treatment.

Glass cup features hanging cup wall thickness, heat resistance, high mechanical strength, durable, made after surface machining without any decoration.

Glass cup are: plain cup, half cup of melon round, Tanzania cup, drum-shaped cups, cup and melon round wicker cup of several.

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