> How to choose crystal cups and glasses?
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How to choose crystal cups and glasses?

Hankxing RuixinGlass 2019-07-16 17:35:55
Exquisite shape, light and translucent cup wall and crisp sound, plus "Crystal Cup Kiss", it is like a dreamy, cold and cold king, and it is our common crystal goblet. However, is it made of "glass" or "crystal"?

1, crystal cup

(1) Is the crystal cup really made of crystal?

In fact, the word "crystal" in the crystal cup comes from the Italian "cristallo", which means a clear, transparent goblet made of imitation crystal. The crystal cup does not have the crystal structure of the crystal, nor can it be confused with gems, amethysts, etc.

(2) Features of the crystal cup

The reason why the crystal cup is light and translucent is very dazzling under the light, mainly due to the addition of minerals such as lead, magnesium and antimony during processing. The traditional crystal cup mainly contains lead minerals. Different countries have different standards for lead content in crystal cups. Lead can increase the strength and brightness of crystal cups. Therefore, although the crystal cup is thin, it is more durable.

2, crystal cup VS glass

The main difference between a crystal cup and a glass is that the crystal cup contains 2% - 30% mineral content, while a typical glass contains almost no other minerals. The main differences between crystal cups and glasses are as follows:

It is worth mentioning that the advancement of technology has led to the continuous innovation of goblet. For example, the appearance of lead-free crystal cup not only enriches the type of wine glass, but also reduces everyone's panic about “lead”, while borosilicate glass makes up for glass strength. Insufficient shortcomings.

3. How to choose crystal cups and glasses?

When choosing a wine glass, you should start from your own needs. In a word, it is best for you. If you are used to a dishwasher, you can choose a glass or lead-free crystal cup; if you break things often, you can choose an economical glass; if you are interested in wine tasting, choose a crystal cup.