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Healthy choice for cup

2016-09-19 09:49:44

When you drink the water, beneficial to health is cardiovascular or many of my friends have seen, drink lots of water to know how to drink, but have a lot of stress to drink a lot of water, we tend to ignore the glass of water, what will have a cup then do you pay attention to it?
Preferred glass cup
It should drink cup glass is preferred. Glass is a good transparent looking, in all material cup, glass, should not be considered to be the most healthy. 

drinking cup
In the process people are firing the glass that does not contain organic chemicals in drinking water and other beverages in glass, chemicals there is no need to worry about being drunk in order to enter the stomach, and the glass surface is smooth easy to clean, and people if it is bacteria water glass is healthy, because it uses the most secure dirt, is not easy to breed in Beibi.
Thousands of high temperature lining of which is made of enamel cup, such lead-free, because even if the use is the result of harmful substances of safety, etc., also, experts also advocated the use of enamel cup you have. 
drinking tumbler
Your health harmful colorful ceramic cup
Colorful ceramic cup, actually water or acid, high alkaline beverage, poured these pigments to the boiling of the cup, in fact, in particular a very a huge risk to the coated wall pigment of their vivid colors in the glaze harmful heavy metals such as charming hidden have people leads to be dissolved easily liquid to drink to chemicals and liquid element, it can cause harm to human beings.
Plastic cup containing toxic chemicals
If the toxic chemicals are readily diluted in water, the plastic is often a plasticizer that contains many toxic chemicals, add the plastic cup hot water or hot water, the internal structure of fine plastic , the hidden dirt you have a large number of holes, cleaning is not would net is likely to breed bacteria. Therefore, experts advise, in the purchase of plastic cups, please select the line with the standards of the country of the glass of the food for the plastic.