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Choose healthy have drinking use glass cup and energy Cup

Thinkxing Ruixinglass 2016-08-10 18:49:27
Choose healthy have drinking use glasses cup

What is the most healthy cups?

Glasses cup, ceramic cups, ceramic cups, plastic cups, stainless steel cups, cup iron, aluminum, glass, paper cups ...... when we go to the mall to buy a glass of water, when a variety of glass will break into our line of sight, especially those tender and beautiful colors, strange shapes cup is looking arouses, picks pick dazzled opinions.

We have seen in the market, largely adopting general magnetizing cup magnet, regardless of the positive and negative. Thus, consumers in the choice of magnetic cup when should distinguish carefully, to buy a monopole magnetic sheet (negative electrode) made from raw materials magnetic cup. "Energy Cup" in principle may also improved the performance of the human body, play a role in health care. However, there are many on the market produced "Energy Cup" manufacturers are not practical efficacy of this physiological functional verification, exaggerated "Energy Cup" role, and some even said that might cure. Experts suggest that consumers, in the acquisition of the presence of health functions "Energy Cup," should recognize the legitimate authorities granted certification must not blind obedience. 

In addition, there is a family in the cup match large team, is the business advocated "magnetized Cup," Guangxi students "Energy Cup." Medical reports and abroad really said magnetized water on human health benefits, but not all of magnetized water are beneficial to human health. Only negative magnetized water competence improved physiological effect, play a role in health care, and the positive magnetized water should not drink.

Inform you, should be the first choice when the water glass. Do not think that glass is transparent ugly, in all material cup, glass but the most healthy. Glass does not contain organic chemical materials, when people drink water with a glass or drink the rest of the time, do not worry about chemical substances will be drink into the stomach, and the name of the glass lubrication, easily cleaned up, so people use glass water is the most healthy and most insurance. In addition, experts also advocate the application of enamel cup enamel cup is due by after thousands of degrees Celsius temperature made of sugar, does not contain lead and other hazardous materials, the application can be relieved.

But for the rest of the material cup, experts questioned. Colorful loving cup is very flattering, but in fact those luscious pigment actually hidden a huge risk when poured into a cup of boiling water or acid, high alkaline beverage, these toxic heavy metals such as lead pigment element it is easy to dissolve in the liquid, people drink a liquid with chemical materials, will result in the persecution of the human body. The plastic often increase plasticizers, which contains a number of toxic chemical substances, with a plastic cup of hot water or boiled water when toxic chemicals are easily diluted in water supplies, and the microstructure of the plastic there are many gaps, which hidden dirt. Therefore, experts suggest, in the purchase of plastic cups, the decision must be in line with national standards of food grade plastic cups prepared.

Drink a cup of water, healthy drinking glasses please choose!

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