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Glass cup usage considerations

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  • Release on:2016-06-20
Glass cup usage considerations

glass cup usage
Note the use of the glass before using glass: 

1, Please clean with soft cloth and warm water;    
2, In order to avoid the cup affect the appearance of the scratch, do not use coarse steel wool to wipe glasses;    
3, When the glass into the boiling water, water level not too full, so as not to overflow when the tea;    
4, Do not put the glass in the oven, disinfection cabinet in high temperature appliances such as heating, so as to avoid deformation of glass, affect the results;    
5, Can be unscrewed lid clockwise (right hand turn toward you from the left to the right), it may cause Scalds; 
6, Children with extreme caution to prevent supplies break or burn themselves.

Glass cup usage considerations

Glass cup usage considerations

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