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Why choose glass cup?

  • Author:Thinkxing
  • Source:Ruixinglass
  • Release on:2016-06-20
glass cup

Benefits of glass cup

1, material: cups made of high quality Pyrex crystal glass tube processing, highly transparent, abrasion resistant, smooth surface, easy to clean, health hygiene;    

2 structure: the cup double insulated design, not only to maintain the BREW temperature, not hot to the touch, easy to drink;    

3, technology: 640 degree high temperature firing, and adaptability to temperature, instantaneous temperature is-20 c-150 c, not easy to burst;    

4, health: food grade standards, can hold 100-degree heat for hot water, tea, beverage such as carbonated, fruit acids, Malic acid erosion-resistant, no smell no odor;    

5, leak-proof: outer layer within the cover and seal in accordance with medical grade safety standards, effective leak; 

6, suitable for tea: green tea, black tea, Pu-Erh tea, jasmine tea, craft, such as tea, fruit tea, color panoramic view, enhance quality of life.

why choose glass cup

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