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Disposable paper cups or hidden potential carcinogens

Thinkxing Ruixinglass 2016-06-21 17:52:24
Disposable paper cups or hidden potential carcinogens

Disposable cups just looks clean, convenient, quality is impossible to judge, is clean and hygienic, with the naked eye could not be identified. From an environmental point of view, and should as far as possible the use of disposable cups. 

Some paper manufacturers to make the glass look more white, add lots of fluorescent whitening agents. And is this fluorescent material can makes cell produced variation, once into human on will became potential of carcinogenic factors; 

Second, those not qualified of paper Cup General Cup body are is soft, pour water Hou easy deformation, some paper Cup is sealed sex poor, Cup end of easy seepage, this are is easy let hot Burns hand; what, dang you with hand gently touch paper Cup inside, can feel to above dip with thin of powder, finger of touch at also will into white, this is typical of inferior paper Cup.

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