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Glass candle holder those post processing processes

Glass candle holder from the molding process after the customer will be in accordance with the needs of a series of post-processing, if the customer is the need for frosted and bronzing logo candlestick, then the glass candlestick after the formation of scrub will be carried out after the bronzing, and some customers need different Color of the glass candlestick, then the product after the molding will be shipped to the spray shop to the customer needs the color sprayed on the product into the oven baking, each process should be based on customer demand for products on the line arrangements, and in China Of the glass candlestick market like to do a product of their own, the minimum from the volume only need 1000, so in China has a different type of candlestick is very much, the price of processing according to customer needs have different price.

black glass candle holder

black glass candle holder
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