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3 cups of water or carcinogenic glass is the safest

3 cups of water or carcinogenic glass cup is the safest

1, disposable paper cups or hidden potential carcinogens

Disposable paper cups just look healthy and convenient, in fact, the product can not judge the pass rate, whether clean, health, with the naked eye can not be identified. From the environmental point of view, or should be used as little as possible disposable paper cups. Some paper cups manufacturers make the cup look more white, adding a lot of fluorescent whitening agent. And this is the fluorescent material can make the cells produce mutations, once into the human body will become a potential carcinogenic factors; Second, those unqualified cup cup cup body is very soft, easy to fall into the water after deformation, and some paper cups are poor sealing It is easy to let hot water burns hands; even worse, when you gently touch the inside of the paper cup, can feel the above stained with fine powder, finger touch will become white , Which is typical of poor quality paper cups.

drinking glass 8 oz

2, metal material cups of coffee will be dissolved

Metal cups, such as stainless steel, the price is more expensive than the ceramic cup. Enamel cups contain metal elements that are usually stable under conditions, but in acidic conditions, it is possible to dissolve and use acidic drinks such as coffee, orange juice and so on.

drinking glass 8 oz

3, plastic cups most easy to filth

Plastic cups should also be unpopular. Because the plastic often added plasticizer, which contains some toxic chemicals, plastic cups with hot water or boiling water when the toxic chemicals are easily diluted to the water, and plastic internal microstructure has a lot of pores, Which hide the dirt, cleaning is not easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, in the purchase of plastic cup, we must choose in line with national standards of food grade plastic cup.

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