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Why is it best to use a champagne flute when champagne flutes

Why is it best to use a champagne flute when champagne flutes?

In Wine world, different types of wine with the corresponding wine glass, for champagne, sparkling wine quality foam has perfect delicate sense, rich foam can last for a long period of time.

champagne flutes

Flute (flute type) Champagne Cup has three main benefits

1. better to observe bubbles.
2. listen to bubbles, and even in dim dinners or basements, it can serve as an important basis for an effective judgment of whether CHAMPAGNE / sparkling wine is rich in bubbles.
3. compared to the traditional champagne tower, it can provide better aroma gather effect, because most of the sparkling wine, champagne and even the aroma compared to the traditional Wine are too weak, and the traditional type of tower cup odor and dissipate too quickly.

It smells, flute cup than traditional tower cup advantage. The traditional Champagne Cup is called the "tower Cup" because it is mainly used for champagne towers. For the time being, champagne is no longer recommended except for traditional high vintage champagne (basically four digit trenches).

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