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Difference between crystal and glass with an ordinary way

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  • Release on:2016-07-01
Difference between crystal and glass with an ordinary way


How to identify the crystal and glass: Only big international brands factory products have quality assurance techniques that look at the brand, brand recognition. In addition, the difference between an ordinary way: 

crystal glass

(1), listen to the sound. By hand flicking utensils hear the sound will be different, the sound crisp and crystal products, after the hit will be filled lingering feeling like metallic, glass products and heavy sound is stuffy, no echo. 

(2), weigh weight. Two items of the same size, weight than glass, crystal products, glass to light. 

(3), see diopters. Crystal products in the same light refractive index than glass, capable of transmitting the light Rainbow, glassware no colored light. 

(4), the hardness ratio. Crystal larger than the hardness of the glass, thus leaving a trace behind to draw with crystal glass surface, while no such crystal glass scratch marks appear.

crystal glass

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