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Why should use glass bottles of spirits?

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  • Release on:2016-06-29
Why should use glass bottles of spirits?
Why should use glass bottles of spirits?
The idea for spirits, indeed, ceramic has no odor, strong adsorption, regulate acid-base thermal conductivity characteristics and mineralization of water, not easily, not only of adsorption and decomposition of liquor methanol and fusel oil to improve the quality of the spirits, in water can also be free of chlorine and impurities, organic matter, bacteria, such as adsorption and decomposition.

Also, ceramics for breathability is stronger than glass, and has the characteristics of liquid qibuguo, also to the original wine breathe, aging, aging, and stored longer, more full bodied saturation. Many wineries are the reasons to store wine in ceramic.

However, for blending into finished wine after wine, but it's not. Because the ceramic bottles to taste and aroma of the final effect is larger. Although the short-term storage, ceramic bottle also to finished wine aging and associative, and drink more soft.   

But with continuous extension of storage period, for the finished wine, ceramics will lead to some specific spirits in the body changes, body becomes weak, bad taste has become increasingly clear that become progressively less coordination, partial phenomenon, can seriously affect consumer tastes.   

Glass bottles to air resistance, the effect was minimal, and high cost performance, has become the hot favorite of spirits.

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