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About glass tea presentation

Glass, the ancients, glass or glass of flow, it is called the colored translucent mineral products. In order to give a brilliant feeling to the people, in a bright color, plasticity of its shape and the tea made from this material, is high shape, versatile,. 
Smoothie glass
At first glance, it can to be able to say, such as gradually, stretch, up, dance down the entire process in brewing a cup of tea glass tea tea, bright color of the tea is a dynamic art appreciation. Such as Longjing, biluochun, Junshan needles, of brewing tea, such as, in particular all kinds, can be fully exhibited transparent glass products, crystal clear tea, the benefits of the cup griping, green, flowering shoot, Slim , apparently the view fun, but it does not have the fun. And inexpensive glass, the majority of consumers. Texture brittle, was easily broken; however, fast heat of the glass products, is what simple hot.
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