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Glass bottles of liquor and reaction

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Glass bottles of liquor and reaction

Different types and different storage period of liquor.  Its composition varies, but generally contain a certain amount of alcohol, aldehyde, esters, fatty acids, and substances such as free water, weak acid. 

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Glass bottles containing liquors including SiO2,03,CaO,MgO, Na20 Na20 CaO-SiO components such as glasses, which are connected by a bridge of oxygen [SiO4] forming a three dimensional space structure, non-bridging oxygen in the presence of static electricity will be Na.  Network of ions such as Ca2 and m absorption around it.  

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When glass bottles containing liquors, in wine, water will react with the bottle some of the ingredients, so that the trace amounts of wine bottles of liquor components into the costumes. 

When the water in a glass bottle and wine contact.  H and SiO in a glass of water exchange. Chemical equations are as follows: ~i-O--Na h OH-i-OH NaOH (1) LL

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