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Sapphire, Sapphire-Crystal glass mirror really is it?

  • Author:Thinkxing
  • Source:Ruixinglass
  • Release on:2016-06-15
Sapphire-Crystal glass mirror is in need of attention: 
this glass is resistant to abrasion, scratch, but still want to avoid the bump, the weight, heavy falls.   
Because bump or fall could be exposed to more rigid than the Sapphire Crystal material (such as diamond, synthetic silicon carbide), Sapphire left scratches on the glass.   

Q: what weaknesses? 

And glass, it is relatively fragile, easy to break and, once broken, expensive to repair. Master maintenance before replacing the lens, you must carefully check to ensure that the movement didn't leave the Sapphire powder.   
In addition, it is a powerful fingerprint collector, but wipe it with a soft cloth.  

Ordinary glass mirror could not be replaced with sapphire-glass 

Q: can I replace glass glass: Sapphire glass? 

No, because the thickness of the casing is different. Typically, Sapphire mirror glass thicker than plexiglass. Maybe you can find the right size sapphire glass, but will also watch waterproof performance.

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