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CD051 Votive Candles Bulk CheapCD051 Votive Candles Bulk CheapCD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

  • 1.Model Number: RXCD-181105-2
  • 2.Material: Glass
  • 3.Product Type: Votive Candles Bulk
  • 4.Packing:1*6pcs
  • 5.Handmade: No
  • 6.Use: Weddings,Home Decoration
  • 7.Material: Glass,High White Glass
  • 8.Color: Gold
  • 9.Place of Origin: ShanXi,China (Mainland)
  • 10.Test report:FDA, LFGB, SGS.
  • 11.MOQ: 1000pcs

CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

What Are The Features Of Votive Candles Holders ?

CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

What Are The Functions Of Votive Candles Holders?

  • Machine blasted /pressed, elegant pattern, widely use in restaurant/hotel/home/party etc.
  • Special design and accurate quality control make sure every piece offered is as perfect as possible. 
  • Logo customized, pattern, size and color etc. could be done according to your drawings..
  •  Our Product Could Pass the SGS,FDA,BV and LFGB test.

What Are The Specifications Of Votive Candles Holders?

Shenzhen Ruixin Glassware Co., Ltd.

Tea Light Candles Holders, Glass Cup, Glass Mug, Borosilicate Glass
Stemware,  Barware, Gift Crafts

Glass Candle Holder, Candlestick Holder
Candle Stand, Tea Light Holder
Votive Candle Holder, Cylinder
and more......

" TOP1 Glass Votive Candles Customization Supplier In China"

1.Model Number: RXCD-181105-2
2.Material: Glass
3.Product Type: Custom Design Votive Candles Holders
4.Style:Tea Light
5.Handmade: No

CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

Votive Candles Holders Photo:

CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

  • Custom Design Glass Votive Candles Holders Design:

CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

  • Glass Votive Candles Holders Packing: 1*6pcs
CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

  • Votive Candles Holders Application Photo & Use Scene Image:
CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

What Are The Votive Candles Holders Process?

  RuixinGlass Company Can Do:
  • 1. Hand painting glass,
  • 2. Electroplating, 
  • 3. Mercury glass candle, 
  • 4. Automatic color spray, 
  • 5. Etching ect.
CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

Our Certifications:

CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

WCA Certificate and Audit Report revised on Disney

Votive Candles Holders Product Packaging:

CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

We are ready to serve you !

    1. Was established in Shanxi as a rear production base, covering an area of about 30,000 square meters. The entire plant was modernized and renovated Equipped: 
    2. Four infrared low temperature ovens,
    3.  One high temperature oven,
    4. Automatic water packaging line, 
    5. Two automatic production lines for automatic painting,
    6. Five high-end dust-free blasting machines,
    7. Ten engraving machines,
    8. Five manual painting equipment,
    9. High-end UV quick-drying automatic line,
    10. Evaporation plating equipment,
    11. High-end ion plating equipment,
    12. Ultrasound Purity Washing Cup Equipment,
    13. Fully automatic dust-free spraying equipment,
    14. Mainly for the high-end market at home and abroad, 
    15. A series of post-processing of higher quality glass gift plating, painting, engraving and so on.

    Ruixin Glassware Co., Ltd, Specializes in Manufacturing and Exporting all kinds of candle holders. 

    Main products are pressed Votive candles, Color candle holders , Candlestick holder, Votive candle holder, Mercury glass candle, Glass candle jars, Golden candle holders and Candles used in bars. Welcome to Buy the Quality Candle Holder & Glass Crafts from us and enjoy our good service and price.

    Welcome ODM/OEM order! MOQ:1000pcs

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    CD051 Votive Candles Bulk Cheap

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