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plastic bottle packaging and then by the cold glass packaging market development effort

2016-09-30 08:55:04

Glass packaging in the field of food force, the past few years in the market performance has become popular, many new food packaging are discarded plastic bottle packaging, instead of using glass bottles to package food. In this regard, I believe that the main benefit from two aspects. The first is the stability of glass packaging material is better than plastic bottles. Plastic bottles in the first two years by the plasticizer and the impact of bisphenol A, consumer safety of its packaging there is a certain degree of questioning, glass bottles in several plastic bottle crisis in the event gradually come to the fore. This is the glass bottle in the field of food packaging force is a major cause.

hand painted drinking glass
Another aspect is in the plastic bottles in the packaging market occupies an absolute position, the glass packaging as a business choice of differentiated packaging gradually by the market attention and welcome.
In this case,
However, the above two reasons, in order to make glass bottles against plastic bottles, plastic bags and other other innovative packaging, it is clear that the glass bottle packaging needs to enhance more advantages in order to get the chance to win.
In this case, 
hand painted drinking glass

Glass bottle packaging is not the main selling point of the price, nor is the appearance of new, mainly in the stability of its material safe and reliable. Many consumers see glass packaging, this is the most important sense of a consumer. Frequent in the current food safety issues today, it is clear that this is very important, which is the glass bottle manufacturers need to highlight.