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custom shot glasses no minimum order Is it feasible

Now a lot of buyers want to have their own products have a out of the ordinary products, but because the minimum quantity of many factories are annoying, now custom glassware minimum MOQ to hundreds or more.

custom shot glasses

if the minimum order quantity is the shot glass low gross margins are more than one thousand, for a want to customize dozens of hundreds of buyers is a very painful thing, so custom shot glasses no minimum order Is it feasible, here I can clearly tell you this is impossible, unless you and the boss of the factory and is familiar with the address of the factory is still in your custom glassware accessories. Ware is a very complex process, production process and its production process of common products is different.

1.5 oz shot glasses

if it has the mold product inventory can be directly on the production line, if Is the need to confirm the design of customized product engineer however mold making samples, after the determination to mass production, the factory takes a lot of human energy to mold proofing design, if you just customized dozens of products factory will not accept your order.

so when looking for customized products to see if there are similar products on the market. If you can find the factory to help logo, customized printing decals, color spraying process will be a lot cheaper, but this product does not require a custom mold proofing MOQ then it will be much smaller.
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