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Which method steps have the selection of glass cup

  • Author:Biao
  • Release on:2016-09-22
Pure and transparent glass to see whether the fine workmanship, exquisite processing technology in order to protect the glass cup body: the first step. If the glass appears to have impurities, bubbles, it will look very rough, affecting the appearance of the glass cup.
glass cup
The second step: pay attention to the inner and outer glass layer is not cracked, cracked glass after injection of hot water prone to burst, which may burn yourself, so choose glass when we must carefully observe whether the cup crack.

Step 3: Place the cup to get closer scented smell whether, in general, only the smell of plastic material will be relatively large, almost the glass will not have odor, even if some cups and some odor, rinse them with water, with once or twice so that there would be no aspect is not very worried;

The fourth step: observed thickness of the glass, glass and some thick, some thin, we try to pick the material and the quality is relatively thick glass, so that both insulated to some extent, but also to a certain extent, anti-wrestling wear;
Step five: Look material, glass making materials available in the market there are many, but high-end, fine glass generally preferred material is borosilicate glass, such as glass Heanor. This glass heat resistance, cold resistance and abrasion, impact performance is very good, not because of dramatic upheaval caused by the temperature difference between the glass broken. Therefore, we must pay attention to buy glasses glasses This choice is what material.
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