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Where can I find manufacturer of customized double wall glass cup

Find high quality double wall glasses supplier&manufacturer,factory exporter at RuixinGlass,We are a professional glass manufacturers, the company headquarters is located in Shenzhen Chinese, we engaged in glassware manufacturing export experience has 10 years of history, the factory covers an area of 30000 square meters are equipped with automatic production line 6, can rapid batch production of products, we have a great advantage in price moreover, the production of a double cup in China custom price is very cheap, a conventional double glass cup in China production price of about 1.3 dollars, and such a cup in the United States Amazon sells up to 16 dollars, the profit is very rich, this is why many American customers love in customized products China, because in Chinese customize a price of its products is very low, even with midway transport It's also very profitable, and if you want to make your own double layer cup for sale in Amazon or your own store, it's a very good choice in china,

double wall glasses supplier

If you want to make your own double layer glass, contact our online customer service

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