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How to make personalized shot glasses

How to make personalized shot glasses,Personalized wine is a wine lovers want to achieve personalized, unique highlights different temperament, so the factory is how to make a personalized glasses, want a personalized wine first is to design the products you want, if you do not design drawings, then you can find our engineers help you design, as long as what you need, after drawing design is according to the design drawings you find manufacturers to open mold making samples, the process of mold proofing will be a lot of mistakes engineers need a step slow to solve these problems, the first product produced until there is no problem, in order to put this product into batch production line production, the production of the glass printing logo according to customer requirements, or spray color, sanding and decals, Electroplating, etching, grinding and other processing, the final product will be the same as the products needed by customers.

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But making a special style of wine is a time-consuming thing, workers through testing repeatedly, and ultimately to determine the mold shape to move on the production line of the production batch, if you need other wine in the cup is very ordinary, printed logo, spray color, so it is electroplating very simple, but the price will be much cheaper.

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