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What's the advantage of using double wall glass cup

According to the understanding, the glass can be divided into single layer glass, double layer glass, and double glass design greatly reduces the thermal conductivity of the cup body, in use, it can play a role of heat insulation, anti scalding.

double wall Coffee cup

The double-layer glass adopts the double-layer structure principle to improve the comfort of the cup, and also improves the heat preservation effect of the glass, which is really the best of both worlds. In addition to the humanization design of double-layer glass double-layer glass, also has the aesthetic value is very good. Transparent making material combined with double-layer structure, almost brew tea drinking water into a kind of dynamic art behavior.

We have already said, the glass can be divided into single glass, double glass, crystal glass, glass cup, glass cup office, etc.. And double glass, as the name suggests, is the glass when it is divided into two layers, when used to play a role in heat insulation, anti scalding.

double wall Coffee cup

Many glass manufacturers have set up double bucket. Interlayer vacuum double deck cup is usually hand blown, double layer glass has insulation and heat insulation function, but also can keep ice. If the middle layer is not a vacuum cup, then the outer bottom has an air outlet, as is the exhaust gas in the blowing process, prevent deformation and cracking the glass production, after the completion of sealing, the middle of a gas. If it is a vacuum cup, while will produce a lot of noise and blown glass pieces, easy to hurt people. So in the use of a double glass vacuum, please pay attention to.
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