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What kind of wine has a shot glass

I began to have a variety of wine names from time, to contact us in life some cup Name: shot glass, goblet, dwarf cup, Bordeaux cup, wine cup, wine cup, Burgundy wine and so on; if we count the cup's name you really want to count for a long time, so the origin these glasses name what are the rules? Or a random name?. According to professionals, according to the attributes of each wine or flavor, with different wine glasses can bring different visual and psychological experience, so as to give people enjoyment. Today, we mainly understand the strong wine glass. What is the strong glass? What kind of wine is it for?

shot glass

What kind of wine has a shot glass ?

We understand the liquor cup before we must first understand the concept of a glass material, glass and crystal are different, different cup textures will be different, in the process of tasting professionals in the material will slightly affect the quality of the wine, the feeling in the liquor cup difference will be more obvious. Usually strong wine glass material is thicker, only because of this thick, will give you in tasting wine when bring some psychological guidance, remind yourself that this is liquor, need careful taste. A spirit glass is a wine glass filled with high spirits. We usually think it is a wine that contains more than 40 degrees. The wine glass is called the spirit cup.

shot glass

Since you know that a spirit cup is a glass that contains more than 40 degrees of foreign wine, what are the wines that hold more than 40 degrees? Such as: tequila, rum, Sherry / bowl of wine, vodka, wine, liqueur, gin, gin, Martell and so on, of course, there are many, we will not list them out, if you are interested friends can go to find out which have more than 40 degrees of wine.

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Now, my friends, you should know what a spirit glass is What kind of wine has been used? Have you learned a little more? Let go of your mind in the wine world, and explore it. There are always some things you don't know. Let's go and find out bit by bit.

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