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There are several ways to print logo on glass cup

Screen printing is a kind of orifice printing technology. The principle is to make the ink pass through the hole plate through the pressure so that the ink can be transferred to the substrate according to the plate type to form the desired image or text. Screen printing is one of the most widely used printing technologies in the market. It is also related to its single printing quantity, cheap price, bright color, long storage period and short construction period.

beer glasses with logo

heat transfer printing, also known as color printing.

Heat transfer is a kind of coated printing method, the principle is to design a good heat transfer membrane, through hot pressing transfer it to the surface of the object, so as to complete the printing process. The appearance of heat transfer makes up the disadvantages of screen printing technology, which can not be controlled by many colors. But the heat transfer will be affected by the original material. For example, the use of heat transfer printing cloth material will lead to poor permeability; white fabric after high temperature printing will be yellow. Therefore, the heat transfer printing is more suitable for organic glass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood products, copperplate paper and other high-temperature material printing.

laser engraving.

beer glasses with logo

Laser engraving is a new customization technology based on NC technology. The principle is to produce a strong laser beam through a laser machine, so that the material can be melted and gasified at the moment of contact with the laser. So as to achieve the purpose of processing customization.
Laser engraving has many advantages, such as more saving, environmental protection, effective control, more rapid production and so on. But laser engraving also has the disadvantages of high cost and high technical requirement. Therefore, laser engraving is mostly used for the processing and customization of plastic, crystal, acrylic and glass products.

glassware customized manufacturer , the general use of the above three methods of processing.

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