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The little knowledge of red wine you know?

  • Author:Hankxing
  • Source:RuixinGlass
  • Release on:2019-02-26
Good evening, my friends, today we are going to popularize the misunderstanding of red wine knowledge. Come and take a small notebook and write it down~

[Red wine = wine ???]

"Red wine" is just a kind of "wine".

For example, we used to see a man and shouted "handsome guy", but men are not only handsome guys, but also ordinary brothers, second brothers...

Similarly, wine is not only "red wine", but also white wine, rosé wine

[Red wine health]

Red wine is still wine, the most important ingredient is alcohol

The main function of drinking red wine is to be happy:

To maintain health, it is better to eat grapes without spitting grape skin...

[The bottom of the bottle is full of good wine.]

Good wine can last for decades, it will produce a lot of sediment, so you need a deep bottle bottom.

But when everyone thinks that the bottom of the bottle is a good wine, some wineries use a particularly deep bottle for marketing purposes...

[Oak stuffed red wine must be better than screw cap]

Not necessarily.

In the past, the material technology was not developed, and the material of the wine stopper could only be found from the natural world. The oak plug is the most capable of "breathing" the wine micro-oxygen:

With the discovery of materials technology, the screw plug has added a polymer material, which also allows the wine to "breath" micro-oxygen, and can control the oxygen permeability:

In addition, the cork oak tree used to make oak plugs is mainly planted in the western Mediterranean and the Qinling Mountains of China. The New World wine-producing countries in the southern hemisphere have worked hard to study the screw plug technology, also because they are too far away.

[French red wine is best]

If you think of France as a big company, this company has good products and is close to big customers (the British royal family), so it dominates the world for a long time.

Later, the big customers were poor, not the “days are not falling”, and the big companies found fewer and fewer opportunities (the land that can be developed is getting less and less), so the executives have switched to a promising future (the weather conditions in the producing areas are the same) Good startups, startups are booming

[Chinese characters on the back label are domestically filled.]

In order to let consumers understand the information of wine, our country's law stipulates that when importing red wine through customs, it must be affixed with Chinese back labels:

[The wine at the beginning of 69 is domestically filled.]

The prefix code of the barcode only represents the place where the barcode is registered, and does not represent the country of origin.

It is as if an ID card only represents Chinese nationality and does not necessarily mean that it is born in China.

The official website of the International Article Numbering Association (GS1) has a clear statement: "The GS1 prefix code is not the country of origin of a particular commodity, and manufacturers can produce their goods anywhere in the world."

How to determine the origin is more reliable? Look at the "origin" of the Chinese label

Article 66 of China's Food Safety Law stipulates that “imported prepackaged foods shall have Chinese labels... Imported goods purchased in accordance with the formal channels regulated by China's laws and regulations are basically clearly and clearly marked with Chinese labels.

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