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Pick up your red wine glass and take a step closer to the goddess

  • Author:Hankxing
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  • Release on:2019-02-15
Pick up your red wine glass and take a step closer to the goddess

red wine glass

The wine is romantic and noble, only the red wine can reflect the elegance and nobleness of the woman, and can convey the woman's charm. Women give red wine life, and red wine gives women a charm. A woman who knows the taste of red wine knows how to taste life. Her charm and charm, in the posture of holding the wine glass, in the swaying red wine, in the glass of light and shadow, the taste of the taste is full of feminine femininity.

red wine glass

Red wine knows a woman, only like this kind of style, then you as a woman, you must not only be greedy for the sweetness of the slippery entrance, but know nothing about red wine.

Red wine is a kind of wine. In terms of finished color, it can be divided into red wine, white wine and pink wine. The reason why drinking red wine is to use the goblet, so as to bring the wine color to the hand, to avoid the hand temperature spread to the wine, and to easily shake the glass to sober up, to make the aroma of the wine, to show the quality of the wine.

red wine glass

Wine tasting trilogy:
1. Watch, put the wine against the light source, and tilt the wine glass at 45 degrees to observe its color.
2. Smell the scent, gently shake the glass, release the scent, hold the quilt in front of the nose and smell the scent.
3. Tasting, taste a small mouth, contained in the middle and lower jaws, slowly swallowed, the taste of the wine is thick and sour. High-quality red wine should have a smooth feeling in the mouth, and the wine will remain in the mouth for a long time.

red wine glass

1, red wine is not the year as long as possible, but the vintage above the red wine glass, good vintage can have good wine.
2, when buying wine should pay attention to the height of the bottle of wine, within 10 years are in the "bottleneck", the wine level is too low, indicating poor storage.

1, can not be placed in the sun.
2, preferably stored at a constant temperature of 13 degrees Celsius.
3, the violent shock will disturb the molecular structure of the wine, affecting the fragrance.
4, the wine must be laid flat to ensure that the cork is wet.

red wine glass

1. A kind of yeast called PST-P in red wine can prevent headaches, and it also has the effect of lowering cholesterol.
2, red wine and white wine are beneficial to the digestion of the stomach.
3, drinking a small amount of red wine can calm the anxiety, have a nourishing, physical role.
4, a glass of red wine before going to bed, help sleep and beauty. Red wine contains the sleep aid hormone melatonin, which can play a role in regulating the sleep cycle and treating insomnia.

red wine glass
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