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The function of glass decanter

Sober, that is, after the opening of the cork, the wine into the glass decanter to promote the oxidation of wine, soften the tannin, so that the sleeping wine beauty from the sleep "wake up" over, exudes should have some aromatic and beautiful.
In general, fresh fruity-based liquor, new wine, wine do not need to sober up, you can immediately drink, sweet white and expensive rot fungi is best to drink one hour before drinking bottle, but do not need to pour into the waiter , So that the bottle can be ventilated upright.

bar glass deccanter

The red wine tannins, which are not yet ripe, are heavier, and it is best to wake up in the sober for one to two hours. It will take half an hour to reach the ripe red wine. Old wine, no strength to give us wake up, change the bottle is to go to slag, and then drink it as soon as possible.

If you do not know how to judge whether the wine into the mature period, there is a relatively simple way to judge is the price of the wine: the cheaper the price of wine do not need to sober up the wine.

glass wine decanter with handle
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