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Shatterproof pint glass

  • Author:Thinkxing
  • Source:Ruixinglass
  • Release on:2016-07-12
Shatterproof pint glass

According to "China Daily" reported glass tumblers often been unintentionally broke, and sometimes even become a "deadly weapon." February 4 British government to promote a high-profile announcement, saying that this will reduce the country billions of pounds in medical expenses.

British Home Secretary Johnson showed reporters a new shatterproof glass on the 4th in London. Currently launched shatterproof glass, there are two, one is coated with bio-resins inside the cup, the other is as car windshields as two thin layers of glass bonded together. These wine glasses are difficult to crumble, even if broken, they are still together, there will be no sharp debris scattered wounding.

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