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Glass sandblasting nine kinds of issues should be noted

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  • Release on:2016-07-11
Glass sandblasting nine kinds of issues should be noted

Sandblasting is the use of compressed air as the driving force, to form a high-speed jet beam the spray material (copper sand, quartz sand, silicon carbide, iron ore, Hainan sand) high-speed jet to the surface to be treated, sandblasting machine so that the surface of the outer surface appearance or shape changes due to impact and abrasive cutting action on the surface, so the surface of the workpiece to get some different cleanliness and roughness, the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface is improved, thereby increasing the fatigue resistance of the workpiece , it increases the adhesion between the coating and extend the durability of the coating, but also conducive to flow and decorative coatings. 

So the use of sandblasting machine is that we often use, but when there are a lot of drug use or pay attention, so as to ensure the use of the effect. Also own a security issue and the use of sandblasting machine itself. 

1, former staff must wear protective equipment, are not allowed to work naked arm. Not less than two people at work.
2, cylinders, pressure gauge, safety valve to regularly check. Tank two weeks once emissions of dust, sand tank inside the filter once a month.
3. Check the vent pipe and blasting machine door is sealed. Work five minutes shall start ventilation and dust removal equipment, ventilation dust when equipment failure, prohibit sandblasting machine work.
4, compressed air valve slowly open, the pressure must not exceed 0.8MPa.
5, the sandblasting work should meet the requirements, generally between the 10th to twenty applicable, the sand should be kept dry.
6, sandblasting machine work, not to prohibit close. When the cleaning operation and adjustment of parts, should be shut down.
7, who are not allowed to use compressed air to blow dust or joke.
8, after work, ventilation and dust removal equipment should continue to run for five minutes and then off to discharge indoor dust, keep the area clean.
9, the possibility of personal and equipment accidents, should be kept on-site and report the relevant departments.

Glass sandblasting nine kinds of issues should be noted

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