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Repurpose Your Candle Jars With This Easy Trick

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  • Release on:2018-10-27
Repurpose Your Candle Jars With This Easy Trick.

Candle Jars ,Candle Jars With This Easy Trick

1. What is the treatment of the candle jars you used?
2. Did you lose the candle jars every time you used a candle?

In the past, I’ve always felt so guilty throwing those pretty jars and lids away (busted!), but the idea of scraping out all of that wax seemed like too much of a headache. And especially not environmentally friendly.

However, I recently stumbled across a little trick to getting the wax out with hardly any effort at all, and it has changed my life! Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but it’s definitely changed the way I look at candle jars now.

Candle Jars ,Candle Jars With This Easy Trick

I’ll never throw away another one of these candle jars again– just look at how beautiful they are with the wax cleaned out!


1. Place your candle(s) in the freezer for about 2 hours. The cold air shrinks the wax, causing it to separate from the jar. Eat some ice cream while you’re waiting (optional).

2. Once the wax is nice and cold, use a knife or butter knife to help further separate the wax from the glass. Every candle seems to be a little different. Most of the time the wax comes out easily in one big chunk, and sometimes you have to pry it out in several pieces.

3. I’ve found that the label comes off easily with one pull, and doesn’t leave any residue behind. Yay! Now you’re left with the bottom sticker which is much more obvious once the wax is removed. After the jar is back to room temperature, simply place it in a bowl of hot water so that the sticker on the bottom is completely submerged. Wait about 10 minutes, and voila! The sticker will scrape right off.

4. To remove the excess wax residue, place the jar in the microwave for about 30 seconds, and wipe it away with a napkin. Now, wash the jars and lids with dish soap and water, and you’re done!

Candle Jars ,Candle Jars With This Easy Trick

These gorgeous jars are perfect for small items like rubber bands, paper clips, push pins, coins, buttons, cotton swabs, nails, chapstick, candy and much more.

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