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Red wine glass customization

Thinkxing RuixinGlass 2018-07-18 11:49:55

RuixinGlass has a special fate with red wine glass customization this year~ From the 2018 to the beginning of June, most of the RuixinGlass is to customize the
Red wine glass customization, and also develop several new customers!

Today, they hosted a Taiwanese customer, Mr. Jin from “Shangshanghui”, who is developing a gold-making custom red wine glass, but looking for a circle of custom-made glass products processing companies, their standards are not To meet the requirements of Mr. Jin, just now, Zhang Weilong, an old customer of RuixinGlass, met Mr. Jin and knew that he was looking for a red wine glass custom enterprise. He made a smooth and friendly situation and recommended Ruixin Company~

Red wine glass customization

That's it, RuixinGlass and Mr. Jin "meet". Today, Mr. Jin came to Ruixin Company to visit and understand. Mr. Ma always showed Mr. Jin the customized samples and finished products of the red wine glass developed by RuixinGlass. Mr. Jin gave a very high evaluation after seeing it. He decided to establish it on the spot. Partnership, the order contract will be passed to us soon! ! !

Red wine glass customization

Ruixin Glass has been custom-made in wine glasses, and has 15 years of experience in customizing glass gifts. This year, the red wine cup series has been customized. The Ruixin company has developed several new customers. They have never slacked off and strive to use quality and good quality. On time, at a reasonable price, on time and on time to serve every new and old customers.

Red wine glass customization

Shenzhen Ruixin Glassware Co., Ltd. is such a manufacturer specializing in glass gift customization and red wine glass customization. It is responsible, responsible, serviced and professional design team. Welcome new and old customers to come and talk. Cooperation.