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Management Story: Steel Glass

2016-10-12 09:04:57

Management Story: Steel Glass

A farmer, junior high school read only two years, the family will have no money to continue his school. He dropped out of school to go home, to help his father cultivate three acres of field. In his 19 years of age, his father died, the family's burden all the pressure in his shoulder. He had to take care of the bad mother, and a paralyzed grandmother in bed. 

shot glass 6 oz

    The eighties, farmland contract to households. He dug a puddle into a pond and wanted to fish. But the village cadres told him that the paddy field can not fish, can only grow crops, he had to fill the pond. This became a joke, in the eyes of others, he is a want to get rich but very stupid people.

    Heard that chicken can make money, he borrowed 500 yuan from relatives, raised a chicken. But after a flood, the chickens got chicken plague, all died within a few days. 500 yuan for others may not be anything, for a family of three acres of Takeda rely on life, as astronomical. His mother could not stand this stimulus, even melancholy and died.
shot glass 6 oz
    He later brewed wine, caught fish, and even the quarry on the cliff to help people hit the blasthole ... ... can not make money.

    35 years old, he has not married to his wife. Even a divorced woman with a child who despise him. Because he is only a house, at any time may collapse in a heavy rain. Marry a man not on the wife, in the countryside is no one can afford. 
shot glass 6 oz

    But he also wanted to stroke a stroke, to borrow money to buy a walk around four tractors. Unexpectedly, less than half a month on the road, the tractor carrying him into a river. He broke a leg and became a lame. And that tractor, was picked up, has been fragmented, he can only open it, as scrap metal to sell.

    Almost everyone said he had finished his life.

    But then he became my city where a company's veterans, in the hands of two billion in assets. Now, many people know his miserable past and legendary entrepreneurial experience. Many of the media interviewed him, and many of the reportage described him. But I only remember such a plot -

    Reporter asked him: in the days of suffering, how can you not time and time again back?
shot glass 6 oz
    He sat behind the large luxury boss, drinking a glass of water in his hand. Then, he put the glass in his hand, asked reporters: If I let go, this cup will happen?

    Reporter said: fell to the ground, broken. Then we try. He said. His hand a song, the cup fell to the ground to issue crisp sound, but not broken, but intact. He said: Even if there are 10 people present, they will think that the cup will be no doubt. However, this cup is not an ordinary glass, but made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. So, I remember this classic wonderful dialogue. Such a person, even if only one breath, he will try to pull the hand of success, unless God deprived of his life ... ...