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Little common sense - Can you drink red wine when you are pregnant?

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Little common sense - Can you drink red wine when you are pregnant?

Traditional theory suggests that both men and women and pregnant women should be prohibited from drinking alcohol (including liquor, wine, rice wine, beer, etc.) because alcohol may have teratogenic effects on the fetus.

However, in April 2013, the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (BJOG), published a research paper that demonstrated the odds of cognitive or behavioral problems in children born to pregnant women who drank the right amount of wine. The babies born to pregnant women who are banned during pregnancy are smaller. In this research practice, researchers from University College London observed and analyzed more than 10,000 7-year-old children and examined their social behavior, emotional behavior, and math, reading, and spatial perception skills. s difference.

Can you drink red wine when you are pregnant?

The researchers also conducted a questionnaire survey of parents and teachers. The survey included alcohol abusers during pregnancy, alcoholics who were drinking during pregnancy, mild drinkers, and people who drank more during pregnancy. The study found that children born to pregnant women who were slightly drinking during pregnancy had a lower probability of behavioral problems than those born to pregnant women who were banned during pregnancy. However, this probability is almost the same as that of boys, except for boys.

In addition, the British Avon Parent-Child Longitudinal Cohort Institute (ALSPAC) also conducted a study on drinking during pregnancy and the health of children. The way and content of the study was similar to the above study, but the object of the study was a group of 11-year-old children. But the conclusions are very similar—mild drinking during pregnancy does not adversely affect the child's physical development, mental state, and ability to learn. Helena, co-director of the International Conference on Alcohol Research (ISFAR), said the study resonated with 25% of unintended pregnant women. “Although it is better to ban alcohol after pregnancy, today's research can reassure mothers who have not realized that they are pregnant but occasionally drink, because mild drinking during pregnancy will not harm children's future growth.” Helena added Road.

Can you drink red wine when you are pregnant?

In summary, expectant mothers should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, especially those with high alcohol content. However, wine is an exception. The alcohol content of wine is generally only 7.5%-15% (abv), and the wine contains hundreds of kinds of substances beneficial to the human body such as vitamins, trace elements, polyphenols, etc., which is very healthy. Drink. However, it should be noted that although pregnant women can drink some wine, it must be moderate, and the weekly consumption should not exceed 175 ml.

Can you drink red wine when you are pregnant?

Can you drink red wine when you are pregnant?

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