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Installed glass of water would shake out any problems you know

  • Author:Biao
  • Release on:2016-09-10
Many people have such a habit, that is, after a cup of hot drink want to taste as soon as possible, so that it will reach about shaking drinks to cool down faster, which is a luxurious and methods, do not arbitrarily attempt, otherwise the consequences will be very serious. Shaker features as we normally use, like, no matter how you shake there will not be much of a problem.
glass cup
   Who have seen in the online report: Chen Qingyuan people loaded with canned lychee glass coffee, soluble coffee to make the opening as soon as possible, after Chen into the water, the lid screwed up by hand swaying back and forth a few times. Suddenly "pop" sound, Chen suddenly exploded in the hands of the glass. His left hand was blown out of a big hole, emitting a large share of large stocks of blood, and then to the hospital for a check, middle and ring fingers of the bones are broken, broken tesujis four. Just a day medical expenses spent more than 4000 yuan.
Recall that such a scenario is how bloody and terror Yeah, who knows a little glass can make a person suffer so much harm it, the saying goes, Eat Hot Tofu, sometimes anxious counterproductive . From this incident, we should be able to feel the importance of the knowledge of life, we all know that water is installed in the container will generate a lot of water vapor, if the water loaded sealing glass and shake it, but will speed up steam evaporation, and evaporation of water vapor and can not spread out, the explosion occurred after the expansion, it is very normal science. I do not know if you have not encountered such a situation, oh, if not sealed in the glass, and sometimes the boiling water into the glass glass will crack lived Suidiao, the reason is the glass at a relatively low temperature and wet spaces, alternating hot and cold water poured in, it will lead to broken or cracked cup, another situation that can withstand the temperature of the glass exceeds its limit, will appear above.
So, do not try unknown ways of doing things, if you want a hot drink quickly rushed to taste it, Shaker manufacturers recommend using a large capacity Shaker, Shaker will wash with warm water, pour hot 1 minutes later capped shaking up and down after 30 seconds put the lid cover and continue to steam and then shake one minute rapid cooling.
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